The Champ and Super J

Following the exploits of two luchadors from Parts Unknown who spend their time rooting on the Oakland A's.

Oh what a night. #mlb #greencollar

That moment when your team scores six in the first. #mlb #greencollar

So a lady I work with spilled tea in the break room and it got all over my comics so that's $60 down the drain whatever should've been in my locker but then she opens them up to try and draw them and what does she see but a nice pair of Oeming drawn boobers a la United States of Murder Inc. #3 so I'm $60 bucks in the hole and everyone at Walgreens thinks I'm a sexual deviant <3
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i think  that deserves the best gif ever made…

Fun day at the Coliseum except for the final score. Little Doolittle was there, got the Coco Gnome, did a fun #HiddenFosse around the stadium and got the gift of two auto’d cards from Sean Doolittle.

So many Doolittles.

A’s vs Rangers // 4-23-14 
Rangers win 3-0

So intense. Get yours at


The Champ and Super J got their recommended dose of SonnyG. Get yours at

Big Hurt in Oaktown on Flickr.

Congratulations to the newest member of the Hall of Fame Frank Thomas. #BigHurtHOF

A quick recap of our 2013 season.

Billy Beane is trading everyone.

The Rookies app.

The Rookies app.

We will see Coco and Reddick for Halloween.

A’s arrive in Oakland. Fans there to greet them.